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Lloyd Buggy


The design is simple, safe and comfortable to go out, so it is quite handy for the child. The aluminum frame of the buggy is light and weights only 9kg, which can support a user up to 50kg..

  • Reinforced nylon seat back provides support and comfort.
  • Folds for transportation and storage.
  • Adjustable: Seat width, seat depth and seat inclination.
  • Seat rest and backrest detachable.
  • Footplate angle adjustable..

  • Front seat-to-floor heights: 18"/19"/20"
  • Knee-to-heel range: 3.5"-13.5"
  • Depth of seat: 11"/12"/13" (Range adjusts in 2" increments)
  • Width of seat: 11.5"/12.5"/13.5"/14.5" (Range adjusts in 1" increments)
  • Footplate angle: 0 °-45°
  • Backrest angle: 0°-25°